spring: part one (in b&w)

happy first day of spring!  it is such a lovely, rainy day and we've been resting it up at home all day before i start work again tomorrow.  we arrived home late monday night and after nanny-ing tuesday morning, spent most of the afternoon and evening cleaning and unpacking.  also, we had to catch up on girls.  do you know how hard it is to avoid hearing or reading about the season finale?  yeah that had to be taken off the to-do list immediately.  so today, i've been sifting through all of the photos i took on our trip and trying to figure out a coherent way to put it all together for you guys.  it is going to have to be in parts i'm afraid.  parts of just memorable photos and places with separate posts for recipes that we made during the week.  it's going to be good.

the first batch features our day trip to big bear lake.  my mom has been wanting to take us up to the reservoir ever since she went with some friends on july 4th last year.  it was such a good way to start our break.  we got out of the city and got some fresh air and sunlight.  i pretended to be somewhere further away and took a bunch of cheesy, touristy photos.

tiger crunch-peanut butter, rice krispies, white & dark chocolate

also, happy birthday to my lucius.  we'll have a little celebration for him tonight, mostly involving food.

x x alicia

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