here's another breakfast, i'll probably have to start some sort of breakfasty series since i obviously can't shut up about it.  the boy and i have imposed on ourselves a food budget.  reasons for this include a recent, unexpected car expense and the fact that we seriously spend an obscene amount of money on food.  we just love foods that happen to cost a lot of money and find ways to spoil ourselves every chance we get.  but this all stops now.  we have been doing pretty well sticking to the budget and as a result, have taken to making lots of hash-type meals.  for instance, last night our dinner consisted of brown rice fried with eggs, kale, spinach, garlic, and sambal.  the brown rice i got from trader joe's ended up kind of mushy which turned it hashy.  sounds weird right? but it was actually really good.  i felt full and healthy and most importantly, satisfied.  the hash had all important foods, protein from the eggs, fiber/complex carbs from the brown rice, and veggie goodness from the kale and spinach all from stuff we already had in the fridge.

continuing our love of hashes, we once again scrounged from the fridge and used this week's leftover spaghetti sauce and made this:

hash of sweet potatoes, spinach, gardein beefless tips (we got these on super sale, they are so good), homemade spaghetti sauce with peppers, onions, and broccoli.  topped with a fried egg.

cooked tomatoes are oh so good for you ya know..

x x alicia

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  1. How funny! We've been having a week of "scrounge meals" as well. Jenn and I were just talking about reevaluating our grocery budgets. I'm not opposed to putting my money where my vote/mouth is and paying more for quality food, food I believe in [how corny,] or a clean shopping environment... but it really is astounding how quickly food expenses add up.

    Beautiful photo - your waffle photos the other day were gorgeous as well! Love whatever kind of lighting you have going on :)

    And thanks for your sweet comments earlier - it sure is nice having another irl friend as an internet friend too!