hey all.  we are currently taking some much needed chill time in cali this week.  my mom lives in highland, and we are visiting and staying with her till next monday.  my brother, andrew decided to hitch a ride with us as we were passing through provo, so now the three of us are just taking it easy and soaking up some sun.  it is 80 degrees here this week, lucky us!  anyways, my dear momma is the only one in cali who does not have internet in 2013 so there won't be much actual blogging, but i promise i am taking a ton of photos and there will be over-blog when we get back home.  i am super excited about some posts i've been working on over here and i can't wait to share them!

my mom is sort of a health nut & it's so amazing having someone cooking healthy meals and juicing just for you every day.  i already feel rejuvenated and my body is real happy about it.  yesterday we took a mini trip up to big bear lake and the weather was beautiful.  we shopped around the little town and took some photos on our walk around the reservoir.  i'm not sure i can go back to gray, cold, utah-in-march weather you guys..

have a happy week!

x x alicia

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  1. It's not California weather but we've been in the high 60's and today it's 74 degrees & sunny! Hopefully it will stay that way for your return ::fingers crossed:: Have fun in Cali!