our little family has been feeling a little under the weather lately.  this, combined with 13 hour work days for me, has been a bit rough but we're all doing better.  here's a simple post for a lazy sunday.

my favorite thing about mornings is breakfast.  pretty sure a lot of people could say that, but for us, breakfast is especially our favorite because we're mostly allowed to fully partake.  potatoes, french toast, cheese, juice, avocados, pancakes, fruit, waffles, yogurt, eggs, coffee, syrup...all vegetarian friendly, and all my favorite.  bacon, eh not my favorite.  i know!  i'm going to get some heat for saying that but seriously, i used to be able to only eat one piece before it become too rich.  and guess what?  there are some pretty damn good vegetarian substitutes for breakfast meats anyways.  so whenever jesse and i have a morning off, we take the opportunity to make ourselves something yum.

i've been craving waffles ever since my lovely sister-by-partnership made them for brunch one weekend, so the other day, i made jesse wrestle out our waffle iron from the black hole in our cabinet.  i broke out the box of pancake mix and made cinnamon chocolate chip waffles for breakfast.  they were so good, the boy loved them, the house smelled delicious, and i've since made them two days in a row now. 

five things:  i used trader joe's brand pancake and all purpose mix and halved the waffle recipe, i substituted flax milk for the water, also substituted one mashed banana for the egg, added a splash of vanilla and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, and threw in a handful of guittard milk chocolate (yes i did) chips.  you can even make a big batch, freeze the extra, and toast them in the morning.. which is what i did.  homemade toaster waffles my friends.  ok that's like 8 things..

the boy "styled" his up & asked me to take a photo.

if anybody out there loves their waffle iron as much as i do, post me a pic!  i know i'll have more variations.  happy sunday!

x x alicia


  1. Your posts make me hungry and these waffles sound devine! Please make these for me in May!! xoxo

    1. you should come over one day and we'll do brunch!! ok? ok!

    2. DEAL! I'm dying to see your cute new place too. xoxo