a little more than a week ago, my family got together for an easter brunch.  my dad and stepmom had recently come back from a three week long trip to taiwan and easter sunday was a perfectly timed holiday/homecoming celebration.

my brother and i never really celebrated easter growing up so i had no idea it was such a gift giving holiday.  we usually just dyed eggs with my mom and had an egg hunt with my cousins at our grandparent's house.  the easter bunny never made an appearance.  this year though, was the first that i really noticed how kid centered the holiday could be and it made me excited to do fun stuff with my kiddos someday.

anyways, i love pretty much all holidays and birthdays because they give you a reason to get together with loved ones.  needing to find reasons to get together makes me sad, though life is often so busy that it's hard to commit without a reason.  i get it.  my friend caroline talks about how she wants to take more pictures of people, not food and i totally understand that!  like i want to spend more time doing things with the people i care about and connecting in person.  i'm sure this is a common goal held by our generation since we're always "plugged-in".  but one of my favorite ways to "unplug" that really satisfies my soul is preparing a meal for people i love.  so on easter, i was so happy that my family agreed to cramp themselves into our tiny apartment and spend some time together.

we had:
spinach mushroom egg bake
tomato basil mozzarella salad
biscuits with jam, honey, & butter
citrus & berries salad
spicy pickled cucumbers

grapefruit & blackberry spritzers

creme brulee for dessert


the creme brulee was uh-mazing! even though i had to broil it to get the shell because home girl doesn't own a blow torch.  maybe now that i've proved myself, someone will invest in me..ha!

x x alicia


  1. Holy amazeballs! What a great menu. If I ever need help planning an event, I know who to call. Everything looks beautiful, food to table.
    I agree with you and Caroline. So often, I want to take pictures of my family or the friends I'm with and for whatever reason I end up taking pictures of my food or the dog. I need to be better about this- so much more fun to look back on.

    1. thanks! i love stuffs like this too much. i always feel SO awkward asking to take a picture of people for some reason. almost like people might roll their eyes at me...i need to get over this! something to work on.

  2. Everything about this brunch looks perfect! (Not in a stale, made for catalog way, just really gorgeous and well put together! [I always feel like perfect can sound like a touch of a backhanded compliment]) I love your little jam dishes too. When we were in Bali our breakfast spreads always came in almost the same sort of set up - it's an awful lot prettier than just piling some onto your plate or setting the jars on the table!

    Creme brulee is my all-time favorite treat. I saw Alton Brown made his own blowtorch out of really affordable tools instead of shelling out major cash for a fancy torch. He also has a recipe for earl grey creme brulee that sounds fantastic - as soon as one of us gets out mitts on a torch we ought to give it a try!

    1. thanks so much! it turned out pretty well! i always want to buy dishware but it's hard to forsee when you'll use them and what you'll use them for. glad i usually give in because they ALWAYS end up coming in handy. um, i've seen your bali photos and the entire album was like a perfect (seriously!), gorgeous, dream. the jam dishes worked out better than i thought, but honestly, it was just a result of my ocd and wanting to keep my jam jars unsticky (i hate jam jar lids that stick).

      i am looking up the alton brown blowtorch in a new tab right now. i'm dying to make it again and in different variations. then we can get together for a creme brulee sampler night or something amazing like that.