hey all.  i am finally ready to tell you guys that we will be moving!  we signed the lease last weekend and we found a cute girl for our current place who just signed the lease today.  it all happened pretty fast and out of nowhere but i am so excited for a fresh start.  jesse and i are actually moving back to our old place on capitol hill (though we'll be on the ground floor this time) and we are looking to stay there until either of us has to leave utah for school, which won't be for a couple of years.  here's to NOT moving every year am i right??  we really loved living in that old house and i'm actually happy about getting the ground floor this time.  no moving stuff up stairs and a washer and dryer just for me!  the place will also be quite a bit bigger (2 actual bedrooms) compared to our current studio so we'll have more space to "indulge our creativity".  this means more projects i've been dying to do for the blog can actually happen!  moving always inspires me to start fresh and this time my goal is really to simplify our life, like trimming out all the stuff we don't ever use or need.  we're really sad to leave our neighborhood and the neighbors who became friends.  so we'll be getting together for one last hurrah and the next time we see everyone will be at our housewarming!  here are some photos to make up for lost time:

1. easter decorations are still up
2. fruit tart for our sweet neighbor, jen's birthday
3. lunch and coffee date
4. stack o' waffles and brunch at jennet's
5. tulip surprise in our garden
6. vanilla with raspberry cream cheese frosting
7. 60 cupcakes for liz and baby

x x alicia

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