hello, what a busy week!  who knew it took so much work to get a blog started!  i am still getting used to blogging consistently which isn't as easy as i thought it would be.  it really has to be scheduled and added to your weekly routine but i have committed to this blog and know it will get easier.  

so i was thinking that introductions are in order since the heart of bohemeyum is my little family and i will most likely be featuring them a lot...yep, even the cats.  i've made peace with my cat lady title.

first up is the boy, my boy.  jesse and i have been together since october 2008.  we met each other at work (he was the one who called me back for an interview) and his love entered my life at a time when i most needed it.  most people who know us as a couple know that we are pretty feisty but we complement each other in ways that even i don't understand.  he is kind, considerate, thoughtful, so ridiculously funny, and i have become a more complete soul with him.

a couple of months after meeting jesse, i decided it was time to add a cat.  jesse grew up around cats and the only pet i was allowed to have growing up was a turtle.  we adopted lucius, our black cat in march 2009 from a lady who had found him on the streets.  we don't know much about where he came from but he is a mellow fellow who loves to cuddle and eat.  lucius also enjoys talking to us, chasing the red laser dot, and lounging in front of the heater.  he is touchy about his tail and unfortunately is easily annoyed by his sister hero..

hero is the cat we adopted after lucius in an attempt to provide lucius a feline companion while we were out.  they didn't start out so hot and sadly, don't get along as well as i had once hoped they would.  hero is a beautiful marmalade cat and she has the sweetest little chirp in the world.  she is very shy but loves attention and laying on your chest.  we think she might've been abused/ neglected as a kitten because she can be so timid but once she warms up, she is truly loving.  hero is also a legit hunter and is super agile and graceful.  

around halloween, these cats could be on a magazine cover i'm telling you..

there's a little intro.  hope you stick around even after those two gigantic cat photos.  i have a couple more posts planned for this week as well as the oscars to look forward to.  i tell you this only because then i will be held accountable.  have a lovely night.

x x alicia